Cathrine Mathiesen

'You give birth with your body, guided by your heart; so intellect is of limited value. In fact it can tend to get in the way.'

Uma Dinsmore-Tuli

Yoga during labour

Bringing a new human being into this world is no less than a miracle, and miracles are not designed to let us down. However, many women are terrified of giving birth. They might feel uncomfortable, alienated and anxious during pregnancy, and embarks on the potentially beautiful and empowering experience of birth with fear, insecurity, other people’s horror stories, and overworked medical staff in charge.

But labour is a natural process owned by the woman whose body has expertly created and carried forth a perfect little baby ready to meet the world. In our culture we are largely protected from having to deal with physical pain, and it frightens us. Rather than developing the skills and tools needed to get through birth naturally, most women opt for medical pain relief, even if that means that they will go through life never knowing their physical boundaries and that they can trust their bodies – it did not let them down.

Women who worry about the birth throughout their pregnancy treat the first sign of labour as an emergency rather than a cause of celebration. This worry and panic translates into fear that will most likely complicate the birthing process, and most certainly dodge the woman’s experience of it. I believe yoga can help prepare more women for birth, and maximise their chances of the experience of it being good.

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