Cathrine Mathiesen

'Make your practice pleasurable. There is enough suffering in the world without you beating yourself up on a yoga mat'.

Donna Farhi


Since I stumbled upon B.K.S. Iyengar’s little red book The Tree of Yoga in the Buddhist Centre in East London as a student in ’98, yoga has been a much loved and ever present part of my life.

I have practised with, and been influenced by wonderful teachers around the world, such as Donna Farhi, Christian Pisano, Jayne Orton, Uma Dinsmore-Tuli, Doug Keller, Katrina Repka, Erika Tourell and Tara Lee. I have completed one year of Iyengar yoga teacher training and the Yogacampus program including yoga therapy and pregnancy yoga intensives, the latter accredited by The British Wheel of Yoga and YogaAlliance.

I teach Iyengar-based, dynamic Hatha yoga, or, as I love to say: great all-round yoga that tones the body, calms the mind and feeds the soul.

I like to create small sequences of asana to build heat and create flow, but without ever losing the focus on precision, alignment and safe practice. I always include elements of pranayama and meditation, and a healthy, balanced dose of the ever intriguing and life-affirming yogic philosophy.

During the last six years I have had three children, and consequently pregnancy yoga, yoga during labour and mummy/baby yoga has been the focus of both my own practice and my recent teacher training. I have experienced first-hand the benefits of yoga through these various stages and in reclaiming a strong and healthy post-baby body in a safe and gentle way. This journey is documented on my blog