Cathrine Mathiesen

Twinkle twinkle you're so bright
Yoga helps you sleep at night
Up above the world so high
Like a diamond in the sky
Twinkle twinkle you're so bright
Yoga helps you sleep at night
Why babies are natural yogis:
· Like yogis, babies prefer to breathe through the nose
· Like yogis, babies are only concerned with the present moment
· Like yogis, babies love unconditionally
· Like yogis, babies practise non-violence
· Like yogis, babies practise yoga postures naturally as part of their development

Mummy/baby yoga

With the arrival of a new baby, everything in life changes. This includes your yoga practice. The body needs different things now - plenty of rest, gentle stretching, rediscovering the abdominal muscles, toning the pelvic floor, stabilising the pelvis, boosting milk production, general healing and breathing to encourage emotional stability. Another big change to your yoga practice is that there is now two of you on the mat! There is no reason why you can't do yoga with your baby, in fact, there are plenty of reasons why you should:

– To strengthen the bond with your baby - it's quality time filled with fun, kisses, cuddles, play and relaxation
– To help you get back into shape in a safe and gentle way, without having to leave your baby
– To help your baby sleep better and longer, and turn their fussiness into happiness
– To improve your baby's digestion and ease gas pain
– To boost your baby's immune system, increase neuro-muscular development and aid the natural development of movement from birth to walking
– To cultivate self-esteem and a positive body image from an early age
– To reduce stress and anxiety, encourage stable breathing and develop relaxation techniques for both mother and child
– To increase body awareness and promote a healthy, physically fit lifestyle

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