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Timeplan på Aviva på Vinderen frem til jul.
Timeplan på Aviva på Vinderen frem til jul. Read more – ‘Timeplan på Aviva på Vinderen frem til jul.’
Dynamisk Hathayoga
Dynamisk yoga Read more – ‘Dynamisk Hathayoga’
Gravidyoga Read more – ‘Gravidyoga’
Mamma/baby yoga Read more – ‘Mammayoga’
En rolig, restorative time Read more – ‘Lunsjyoga’
Yoga i barseltiden
Jeg undrer meg over den vanvittige kroppsfokuseringen hos nybakte mødre som beskrives i blant annet Aftenposten. Som om kroppen er det eneste som forandrer seg når vi får barn. Hormonene raser og tar oss med på emosjonelle oppturer og nedturer vi aldri har opplevd maken til. Både hjertet og hverdagen strekkes for å gi rom […] Read more – ‘Yoga i barseltiden’
Acro Yoga
Over the summer I started playing around with Acro Yoga, a physical partner-based practice that, according to ‘blends the wisdom of yoga, the dynamic power of acrobatics and the loving kindness of healing arts’. I love yoga and I love spending time with my friend Anne, who is also a yogi, so it seemed […] Read more – ‘Acro Yoga’
Hip & Healthy – June 2013
My mummy/baby yoga class at Triyoga has been enthusiastically reviewed by first-time mum Louisa Parker-Bowles for the online magazine Hip&Healthy. Read more – ‘Hip & Healthy – June 2013’
Practicing mindfulness with children
After a week of mindfulness training and meditation in Plum Village, a spiritual community in France, I was inspired to try practicing with children. So when my son’s teacher asked me to come in to read for his class, I brought the book Each Breath A Smile, by the Buddhist master Thich Nhat Hanh. As […] Read more – ‘Practicing mindfulness with children’
Mindful meditation
Why is it so hard to meditate, to sit completely still, with an empty mind, and do nothing? One would think it the easiest thing in the world. Like our default setting – what we always come back to. Breathing in – I know I am breathing in. Breathing out – I know I am […] Read more – ‘Mindful meditation’
A note of thanks
I am now cleared to teach Mummy/Baby and Pregnancy yoga at The Life Centre (Notting Hill and Islington) and Mummy & Me at Triyoga (Primrose Hill, Chelsea, Soho). Eternally grateful to Erika Tourell and Katrina Repka for opening these important doors. Thank you. Read more – ‘A note of thanks’
Padadirsasana – emotional purification
The focus of my yoga class today was the heart chakra, the Anahata, located in the middle of the chest and associated with unconditional love, compassion and empathy. The class was soft, mindful, restorative. We did a lot of work lying down on our mats and on all fours. Mostly chest openers, such as rolling […] Read more – ‘Padadirsasana – emotional purification’
Steady and comfortable
Sthira sukham asanam. The first sutra in the Yoga Sutras by Patanjali. Any pose should be steady and comfortable. This guiding principle should be applied to all poses throughout a class, and as a teacher, I see it as my duty to remind the students to search for this balance, perhaps especially in poses where […] Read more – ‘Steady and comfortable’
Karma is the yogic way of explaining the core sociological dichotomy cause and effect. Everything we do as human beings will come back to us later in life, perhaps in a different form and perhaps when we least expect it, but all our actions plant a small seed that eventually will blossom into something else. […] Read more – ‘Karma’
Baby food
Baby food When Clara was ten months her food was finally starting to taste like food. After raiding Portobello Road for fresh fruit and vegs and a couple of hours in the kitchen, her menu would typically be: Sweet chicken Four small free-range chicken fillets (the really small and delicate ones), half an onion, two large parsnips, two […] Read more – ‘Baby food’
Warming winter soups
Everyday tomato soup I grew up with this soup, and I believe it was the first soup I  learnt how to make. The really great thing about this recipe is that it is not so much a recipe as a way of inspiring you to make a similar kind of soup. Chop some vegetables, I […] Read more – ‘Warming winter soups’
Favorite summer salads
Classic Caesar Fillets of anchovies, egg yolks, Dijon mustard, both olive and grapeseed oil, Worcestershire sauce, lemon, garlic, salt and pepper make up the lovely mayo-ish sauce. Spread over crisp Romano lettuce and sprinkle with croutons, parmesan and pieces of chicken breast for a more solid meal. Such a classic and always a treat. Feta, […] Read more – ‘Favorite summer salads’