Cathrine Mathiesen

Baby food

by Cathrine.

When Clara was ten months her food was finally starting to taste like food. After raiding Portobello Road for fresh fruit and vegs and a couple of hours in the kitchen, her menu would typically be:

Sweet chicken
Four small free-range chicken fillets (the really small and delicate ones), half an onion, two large parsnips, two apples, four carrots, handful of dried apricots, risotto rice, sprinkle of coriander and splash of good olive oil to puree.

Lamb bolognese
Organic lamb mince, half an onion, a clove of garlic, four carrots, a small courgette, half a tin of good plum tomatoes, a dash tomato puree, wholegrain fusilli pasta, a couple of basil leaves and some olive oil to puree.

Cod casserole
Two smooth filets of boneless cod, four potatoes, two large carrots, a good chunk of cauliflower, a little less broccoli, a clove of garlic, a couple of flat parsley leaves, a knob butter and a spoon of creme fraiche to puree.

Bon app my little gourmet.

Baby food